ADAHZEH Sweetens the Vineyard

On Monday night M10 Bar & Grill was lit up with a scintillating and energetic performance by the all-girl reggae band ADAHZEH at their fundraising concert Reggae in the Vineyard. At around 6pm on entering the venue, the sweet sound of reggae music greeted patrons as well as the food from Marvin Tenn’s kitchen. Slowly but surely patrons filled the venue and ordered their alcoholic beverages and enjoyed M10’s famous curried goat among other dishes while waiting on the King’s daughters to take the stage. As 8 pm approached there was barely any chairs left in the venue as the large turnout of patrons could not hide their excitement and anticipation. Current Digicel Rising Star Contestant Monifah was invited to the stage and she did energize the crowd reeling off a slew of Bob Marley’s covers like No Woman No Cry that sent the crowd into a frenzy. Her voice had many patrons turning and looking at each other at amazement as she hit note after note to rapturous applause. The crowd loved her so much they asked for one more song and she obliged and got a great ovation.

The MC then took the mic and asked if the crowd was ready for the King’s daughters to which they all screamed yes at which point fans started frantically looking all over the venue for the band. Slowly but surely they made their way through the thick crowd to excited applause. They quicky set up their instruments and began with “Adahzeh coming at you” to screams from their excited fans. Despite technical difficulties with the sound equipment the group entertained the patrons from start to finish, from the elderly to the young children. The energy and pure joy they displayed when performing was so unique and that energy definitely transcended to the audience many of whom got up off their seats and danced or rocked. One of those well entertained patrons being Markus Myrie, producer and son of reggae veteran Buju Banton. Lead singer Kadie demonstrated prowess in whipping up the crowd as she knew exactly what to do to evoke responses from the crowd all night long. The girls showed off their versatility as Tara and Karissa also showed off their great vocals, while Tashana never missed a beat on her drum. Chev seemed to be having as much fun as the patrons as she danced, whined and even split at one point and the crowd was loving every minute of it. Songs like Island Girl and Hopscotch got very loud and deafening applauses. Adahzeh definitely sweetened the vineyard and one only hopes the King’s daughters raised enough to get them to Poland so they can witness this truly entertaining group. 

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| July, 28th, 2016
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