Man who videotaped Tivoli gunmen flees community after deaththreats

Reports are emerging from out of Tivoli Gardens that the person believed to be the owner of the video showing men running with a high powered weapon in the volatile community has been marked for death.

Less than a week after the video surfaced, sources from the community have told Eventsrusonline that the accused individual has received several death threats and have had to flee the community. The Police high command said members from its team has received reports about the development and have launched their own investigation into the matter.

Police warned that they will not sit by and allow any such attacks to take place. In fact, cops say they have identified a number of persons who they want to question in relation to the threats.

The man who was seen with the high powered rifle in the video has also been identified by the police. He has been identified by the alias 'Weng' and has been ordered to turn himself in to the authorities immediately .

The video showing a group of men running through the community with a rifle began to circulate hours after a 19- year-old man, Tevin Gordon, was shot dead during a police operation in the area last Friday.

The killing has since triggered a series of protest in and around the area as residents claim Gordon was killed in cold blood.

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| July, 20th, 2016
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