Partying on a Budget

Partying can be debated on for its pro and cons, depending on the individual.  This also goes back to the type of party; whether it is a quite backyard event, tea at 12 or a raw Jamaican dance.  Most Jamaicans parties have no boundaries when it comes to the explicit and vulgar music, bottle popping and the creative outfits.  While many urge for the Jamaican parties to be censored, many argue that it is entertaining. Regardless of the vulgarity, these parties are filled with modern day professionals who have a regular 9-5. So the question is how do they do it? Do they budget how much to spend for a party? Do they save in advance or do they borrow or take out loans?

After speaking with regular party goers, I received mixed reactions. Some say they budget if they know about the party in advance, while others say if the party is spur- of –the- moment they go with the flow.  The amount spent at parties or the amount of bottles popped has become a fight against who has the most money.  It has come down to a race, who pops the most and who has the biggest tab at the end of the night.  While this seems foolish to some, to others it is the hype and a life style.  The bill after the bottle popping is either nothing to the patrons pocket or they simple work over time to pay off the bill.

 It was also found that for  parties such as ATI and Dream Weekend patrons actually save a year before, for these events. Is it the collabar of party? Or is it that everyone comes out to show off and show out on each other.

For those who cannot necessarily flip the bill for these parties, borrowing is an option.  They take out loans whether from banks or friends to get ready for the event and be able to floss. It was noted in an article from the Jamaica Gleaner that companies such as the Sprint Financial Services give loans to help patron pay for these high priced parties. “Sprint Financial Services started offering loans to patrons attending some of the most expensive parties in the west of the island in 2012 and is doing the same this year.

Founder and CEO of the company, Christopher Barrett, pointed out that the number of persons accessing these loans is on the increase.”

So is it worth it? Partying and the entertainment it offers is food for a healthy life, and are essential to keeping a balance between work and play.  It is the going out of ones means for one night that is called into question.  Is spending hard earn money on one event, going to bring the happiness and enjoyment that we seek from parties, well maybe it will for that night. At the end of the day, the partying and money spending is left up to the patrons preference, their pocket and mindset. We do live in the era of yolo, so have fun and party the nights away.

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| July, 11th, 2016
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